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Workshop "The Third Way" (1-2 July 2021)

Dienstag, 13.07.2021

During the fruitful and succesful Workshop, the project team and the associated members discussed their results and their ongoing research. The hybrid format allowed project partners from other countries (and even continents) to participate in the discussions. The first day (July 1) was dedicated to diachronic and theoretical aspects, the second day (July 2) to the field-work, which has been carried out parallely in several Romance-speaking countries.

In the picture (from left to right): Nicolás Solari Jarque (Alcalá de Henares), Katharina Gerhalter (Graz), Cesarina Vecchia (Napoli), Adrian Chircu (Cluj-Napoca), Inka Wissner (Graz / Besançon), Martin Hummel (Graz), David Porcel Bueno (Graz / Granada), Stefan Koch (Graz).

(To see the list of talks, click here)

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